Mental Health Return to Work

Safe Return to Work post CO-Vid 19 Pandemic 

The UK Government is encouraging employers to get their employees back to work to kickstart the British ecomomy.  Is it too soon you may well ask?

Nonetheless our post lockdown adivce will always be make sure it is safe to do so before you go back to the ‘new normal’ workplace.

Emplyers should carry out a risk assessment not only on their workplace but also carry out a pre-employment assessment of all returning workers, e.g. a occupational health check, which must include a pre-return co-vid swab test to determine a workers status regarding virus safety.

There is plenty of advice around on the risk assessment process.  We can help you if you are somewhat confused about this aspect of the return to work, in the meantime here is a simple checklist for you to follow and has been issued for the construction industry but can be adapted to any workplace:  Co-vis risk assessment checklist 

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